10 best artificial intelligence Technologies that will dominate in 2020

10 best artificial intelligence Technologies that will dominate in 2020

10 best artificial intelligence Technologies that will dominate in 2020
Artificial intelligence is a key success for every business sectors. Every successful business companies are introducing many based applications.
Google has already launch thousands of applications and artificial intelligence based programs.
This year 10 best artificial intelligence technology are dominate.

1. Natural language generation

Natural language generation is a process of converting data into text. This technology will enable computers to communicate with each other on different ideas with perfect accuracy.
They are widely used in different areas of report generation , generate summary of market values. This type of Technologies are working in Cambridge Semantics, Narrative Science, Automated Insights,Attivio and many business sectors.

2. Speech recognition

There are lots of speech recognition software is an Apps available but Siri is the official one which have the capability that will understand you.

3. Virtual agents

Virtual agents are virtual assistants are nothing than a computer which have the capability to interact with humans to solve different problems.
One of the most common example of virtual agent is a chatbot.

What is a chatbot ?

A chatbot is a program that will help you to interact with your customers whenever you got offline. This chatbot will interact with customer and give answer for the question raised by them.
For example if customer need information about shipping system then virtual agent or Chatboard board will give information about current shipping information.

4. Machine learning platforms

One of the most prominent and advanced technology is a machine learning (ML). Machine learning has the capability with AI another development techniques that will allow a computer to learn.
In this technique artificial intelligence, algorithms and API and other two are used.
Some of the companies are using these platform and selling different products these companies are Amazon Google, Microsoft and SAS etc.

5. Decision management


Artificial intelligence systems have the capability to introducing new rules and logics and incapable of self maintenance and tuning.
In different corporate sectors and automobiles companies these types of applications are already working assist and execute automated decisions like to execute the process of machine when it came from one state to another state.
6. Deep learning platforms
Deep learning platform is a growing technology which are using nowadays.
In this technology human brain processing data is used for decision making.
This type of applications are under development by different companies to recognize patterns, control human brain waves and thinking.
Something is also developing a device by which user can control Samsung TV with brain thinking by using this deep learning platform.

7. Biometrics

This AI field has the capability of interaction with human speech,image, finger print detection and many other aspects.
According to market research field these types of technology is are widely used across the globe. Here are the list of biometric companies which are running in different companies in different era:

8. Robotic Processes automation

With the help of scripting and other tools reporting processing automation can be helpful for human to complete vistas in different corporate sectors.
Using robots for a specific job is equal to hiring a human but these kind of robots will not only help indifferent works but also capable of doing specific jobs.
One of the great example of robotic process automation is Adext AI. Like this many other companies like Blue Prism , WorkFusion and UiPath are also famous for having reporting processes automation.

9. Artificial intelligence modelling

Artificial intelligence modelling or Digital twin is a popular software which is a friendly software between physical system and through the digital world.

General Electric (GE) is AI model system which is capable of monitor aircraft engines , gas turbines monitoring , predict different failures in Big vehicles like aircraft with the online cloud hosted software models for different machines.
They are also widely used to elaborate different kinds of 3D Computer aided designing like diagram charts and other graphics tools .

10. Cyber Defense

Cyber defence program pk is a complete computer network structure which is capable of detecting issues attacks on the servers and monitor infrastructure of the system.
To move out to a new evolutionary era , AI and ML are being widely used across the globe to fight with global cyber attacks. We already know about popular cyber attacks and that a bridge in different social media like Facebook and online banking system in Pakistan.


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