History of operating system

History of operating system

Operating system which is also called as a sole of hardware especially we called this hardware a computer.
Operating system consists of set of programs, operations and algorithms that work together and control any of the computer hardware with synchronization.
In the early stage of computer manufacturing there at least 0 operating system available on it and it is actually work with A punch card that work manually and their the concept of open system originate. Working with these types of machines was actually more difficult in early stages.
Developers and scientist need something that can work automatically and give them instruction to these hardware to perform something.
With the passage of time developers made simple programs and algorithms with the very first operating system installed building different symbolic languages.
Hence assemblers and compilers for build for programmers to easily translate any of the symbolic code into machine code that can handle a machine. Most of the machines become more powerful as they work also in milliseconds.

First operating system

GM-NAA i/O is one operating system that was produced in 1956.Mainframe computer start building by IBM engineers and they first make motor research mainframe computer for automobiles to get more customers.
In the early stages of making this operating system it was particularly for the the single Mainframe computer that can only be work in those computers.
It means there is a lot of trouble as you need a new software for an Operating System whenever a manufacturing company built a new machine which is typically if one of the first thing ever.
So that’s why I scientist and Developers start building an operating system that can work in all kind of Machines rather than making anyone.
Systems on IBM hardware
IBM hardware vendor is one of the most popular company from 1960. IBM start making and trying to build a single operating system for the new hardware and the all the hardwares that can fit to this operating system.
OS/360 what’s the fun of the first operating system class that was built in three range and three system of generation.
PCP is one of the earliest operating system for the early users without the resources of having multiprogramming to make some more actions on hardware.
MFT was the mid range of computer systems that were released with only one successor and early failed and discontinued in 1980’s.
MVT is one of the the sophisticated memory management operating system with time sharing facility and called as a largest system and TSS/360 was one of them that has the ability of time sharing system for the computers.
Other mainframe operating systems
Scope is one of the operating system that was developed by control data Corporation in 1960.
One of the main advantage of using these operating system as they are batch processing and also has the ability of time sharing for the basic and later Karonos.

PLATO operating system

PLATO operating system is one of the most advanced and remarkable invention by different scientist as this is one of the first operating system that was built for multi uses graphical games and real life of chat system.
Is amazing operating system has the ability of long distance time sharing network which e was built on TUTOR programming language.
EXEC I and its Successors
EXEC operating systems are the series of operating systems developed by UNIVAC with more advancement processing different stuff.
Is operating system has the parity of real-time basic, large scale time sharing, discard and line printer.

Windows operating system

Operating system was one of the first graphical user interface operating system that make a remarkable 90% of market share in operating system.
History of windows operating system was started by the interface manager which was announced in November 83.
In the early stage of Windows the first vision was lack of popularity and it was not the complete operating system and just consists of few commands and programs.
With low graphics and UI it was one of the first failure but in letter 9087 Microsoft introduce Windows 2.0 which is one of the more popular among users.


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